Avoid Common Mistakes and Reduce E&O Exposure Through Documentation and Communication

Summary:   Today's insurance agents and brokers face tremendous pressures, resulting from mining for new business and retaining their book of renewal business.  Common mistakes can easily be avoided, in order to prevent E&O claims.  This article addresses some of the common but easily mitigated pitfalls often succumbed to by agents.

Sports-Related Concussions

Summary: Sports concussions have received quite a bit of press lately, as a result of high-profile lawsuits against the NCAA and the NFL. Medical advances in our understanding about brain injuries are raising awareness and concern about concussions, particularly in the young. This Genesis Insights article employs a Q&A format to sort through the science as well as the existing and emerging liability landscape. We also provide some suggestions for schools and other public entities to consider in managing this growing risk.

Design Professionals as Construction Managers

Summary: There is no shortage of critical Workers' Compensation issues facing today's employers. Some of these issues have reached the point where core fundamentals of the Workers' Compensation system are being jeopardized, including that of the claim handler, injured worker and treating physicians acting as a team towards recovery and return to work. In this Insights we explore how this happened and what can be done to return focus to that recovery and return-to-work, collaborative-team approach.