Physicians and Surgeons

Premier Physicians and Surgeons

General Star offers a Premier Physicians and Surgeons Program for well qualified risks. Professional Liability coverage is offered on a claims-made incident-sensitive form. The policy form is provided on a non-admitted basis, through designated wholesale surplus lines brokers in all states except Kansas, Nebraska, New York, South Carolina and Wisconsin.


Coverage Features

  • Claims-made Incident Sensitive form
  • First dollar coverage
  • Defense costs outside the limits of liability
  • Four types of Data Privacy Coverage is available without additional charge: Breach of Privacy and Security, Governmental Fines and Penalties, Advisory Costs and Data Restoration. The limit for each coverage is $50,000 with the exception of Data Restoration where a $5,000 limit applies. An aggregate limit of $50,000 applies to all Data Privacy damages arising from the same claim and an annual aggregate of $50,000 also applies. Payments of damages for Data Privacy claims will not erode the Professional Liability limits of the policy.
  • Separate limit of liability available for group practice entities comprised of two or more physicians
  • New to practice and part-time credits available
  • Full Prior Acts coverage available
  • Supplemental trial expense coverage of $500 per day, up to $5,000 included
  • Supplemental Medicare/Medicaid billing error defense reimbursement provided up to $30,000
  • Supplemental state medical board legal expense reimbursement up to $25,000 furnished without premium charge
  • Locum Tenens coverage provided without charge upon company approval
  • Coverage for peer review activities
  • Unlimited extended reporting coverage available
  • Unlimited extended reporting coverage provided without premium charge in the event of retirement after age 55 and five continuous years of General Star coverage
  • Unlimited extended reporting coverage provided in the event of death or permanent disability of the named insured without additional premium charge
  • Quarterly or bi-annual premium payment plan options available
  • Full Consent to Settle
  • All coverages subject to policy terms and conditions