Medical Professional

The Medical Professional Division offers several medical malpractice liability programs.  Please see the individual program summaries for more details.

Credentialing Requests
Please forward your requests via email to  OR  via fax (866) 464-3678.

  Medical Professional Liability  

What's New?


Protection is now available through our Healthcare Facilities Choice endorsement, for risks which meet underwriting eligibility requirements.  Six additional coverages are added to the Supplementary Payments section for qualified insureds, at no additional premium.

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Coverage Offered

Coverage is offered on a non-admitted surplus lines basis for all programs.

Risk Appetite

Coverage is offered on a primary basis in all programs. Excess coverage can be offered for most submissions, dependent on risk profile and insured requirements.

Coverage Terms of Note

Professional Liability coverage is provided on a claims-made basis. In the Miscellaneous Healthcare Facilities program, General Liability coverage is offered on both a claims-made and occurrence basis. Policy terms are variable dependent about the given risk profile and terms selected by the insured.

Data Privacy Coverages

Four types of Data Privacy coverage are available without additional charge on Select and Premier Physicians Program policies: Breach of Privacy & Security, Governmental Fines & Penalties, Advisory Costs and Data Restoration. The limit for each coverage is $50,000, with the exception of Data Restoration ($5,000 limit). An aggregate limit of $50,000 applies to covered Data Privacy damages arising from the same claim.

Target Classes

Physician Programs

Coverage is available for most physician specialties, with the exception of full-time emergency room physicians and those physicians serving in full-time locum tenens capacity. Risk size can range from solo physicians to large group practices. Several different programs are offered to address the coverage needs and risk profile of the physician or surgeon. Physician Programs

Miscellaneous Healthcare Facilities

Coverage is available for wide variety of facilities providing medical care and services, including such classes as surgical centers, ambulance services, medical spas, medical laboratories and retail walk-in clinics. Further information regarding eligible exposures can be found on the Miscellaneous Healthcare Facilities page.