Primary Casualty

Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS)

The Casualty Brokerage Division offers specialized liability coverage for manufacturers/distributors of commercial and hobby UAS, operators of UAS, and for UAS operations conducted on behalf of the insured.

Coverages Offered

  • Commercial General Liability for manufacturers/distributors, operators and for UAS operations conducted on behalf of theinsured
  • Products/Completed Operations Liability for manufacturers/distributors
  • Aircraft collision for manufacturers/distributors and UAS operators
  • Privacy violations covered by Personal and Advertising Injury
  • Occurrence coverage trigger
  • Zero to modest deductibles

Risk Appetite

  • Manufacturers/distributors of hobby and commercial unmanned aircraft or commercial UAS weighing up to 55 lbs.
  • Operators working within FAA regulations and guidelines
  • Businesses or other entities hiring UAS operators
  • Start-ups and established entities

Eligible Exposures

  • Manufacturers/distributors of hobby, commercial and military unmanned aircraft and components
  • UAS operators including but not limited to:
    -  Use of unmanned aircraft for research or commercial purposes
    -  Real estate surveyors using unmanned aircraft for aerial surveying
    -  Professional photographers using unmanned aircraft for commercial purposes
  • Contingent Liability for entities hiring UAS operators

Ineligible Exposures

  • Unmanned aircraft operating outside FAA regulations and guidelines
  • UAS rental operations without operators

Limits Available

  • $1M/$2M/$2M/$1M Primary limits
  • Up to $2M Excess limits for manufacturers/distributors and operators
  • Up to $2M/$4M/$4M/$2M Primary and $10M Excess limits for contingent liability arising out of UAS operations conducted on behalf of insured

Submission Requirements

  • Products application for manufacturers/distributors
  • UAS supplemental application for operators and UAS operations conducted on behalf of the insured
  • Currently valued five year loss runs
  • Product brochure/website
  • > seeking contingent coverage provide a copy of the contract
  • between the insured and the entity providing the UAS services.