Commercial Programs

The Commercial Programs Division of General Star offers primary and excess insurance solutions for wholesale produced homogeneous, aggregated portfolios of risks, Associations and Risk Purchasing Groups within a delegated authority business model. Authority to underwrite, quote, bind and issue policies is delegated to a qualified Broker or Program Administrator. Product offerings on an admitted or non-admitted basis include general liability, excess automobile liability, and select property coverages.


Preferred Program Characteristics

  • Delegated Authority Business Model
  • Wholesale produced business
  • Homogenous exposures
  • Strong loss control component
  • Actuarial study of program experience
  • Stability in group membership

Preferred Program Administrator Characteristics

  • Proven experience in risk management of program specific industry exposures
  • Electronic quoting, binding and policy issuing data transmission to carrier

Claims Handling

  • Bundled or unbundled
  • If Third Party Administrator, specialized expertise in program specific exposures preferable

Minimum Annual Premium Thresholds

  • $1 Million for Single State Programs
  • $5,000,000 for Multiple State or Regional Programs
  • $15,000,000 for National Programs

Risk Retention

  • Primary insurance available
  • Excess insurance available

Limits Available

  • Liability limits up to $5,000,000 per occurrence
  • Property limits of up to $5,000,000 per location on a select basis

Coverages and Exposures

  • U.S. property and liability coverage
  • Products and premises exposures
  • Excess automobile liability coverage

Ineligible Lines of Business

  • Workers' Compensation
  • Primary Automobile Liability
  • Fronting