Inland Marine

The Property Division offers Inland Marine coverage for select classes.

  inland marine  




Coverage Offered

  • Special Perils, with limited CAT capacity
  • Options available for up to 36 months on Builders Risk
  • Package policies available on standard ISO Inland Marine
    and Property forms

Risk Appetite

  • Contractors Equipment
  • Builders Risk / Installation Floaters (renovations, frame buildings,
    structural work,mid-term placements)
  • EDP / Computer Systems
  • Rigger Legal Liability
  • Annual or Trip Transit
  • Bailee / Warehousemen’s Legal Liability
  • Machinery and Medical or Scientifi c Equipment
  • Broadcast Towers and Satellite Dishes (towers 250’ or shorter)
  • Wind Turbines (Builders Risk or permanent)
  • Solar panels (Builders Risk or permanent)
  • Geothermal
  • Equipment Dealers
  • Fine Art (smaller galleries, historical societies, corporate collections,
  • Musical Instruments (professional players, professional bands, symphonies)
  • Unique Risks - drones, transit of coins, carousels, observatory lenses,
    pharmaceuticals in transit

Net Line Capacity

  • Catastrophic perils: $10,000,000
  • All other perils: $25,000,000 or more depending on the risk

Minimum Deductible

  • $5,000