Property Brokerage

The Property Brokerage Division offers non-admitted property coverage written through designated excess and surplus lines brokers.

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Coverage Offered

  • The Property Division offers coverage for full limits, primary, buffer or excess, depending on individual account characteristics

Net Line Capacity

  • Catastrophic perils: $10,000,000
  • All other perils: $25,000,000 or more, depending on the risk


  • Minimum AOP deductible for All Risk Property is $5,000
  • Minimum deductible for Windstorm/Hail is 1/2% to 5% values at risk at the time of loss, depending on the location of the risk in coastal areas
  • Minimum deductible for Earthquake: 5% per unit subject to $25,000 minimum, can go as low as 1% in certain zones

Risk Appetite

  • Entertainment risks (from concert halls to campgrounds)
  • Restaurants (family dining, fine dining, franchised fast food)
  • Schools/Daycares
  • Warehouse risks
  • Light to medium Manufacturing/Processing risks
  • OLT exposures including:
    – Retail - strip malls and stand-alone structures
    – Nursing Homes/Assisted Living Facilities
    – Hotel/Motels
    – Office Buildings
    – Habitational (Apartments/Condominiums)
    – Real estate accounts (including frame construction)
  • Wind and Hail Deductible Buybacks
  • AOP Deductible Buybacks
  • Windstorms or Hail only
  • X-wind business
  • Shared and layered business

      Submission Requirements

            A comprehensive cover letter including:
  • Description of the risk and its operations
  • Hard copy loss summary (preferably 5 years)
  • Expiring information, including carrier, limit, deductible, premium and renewal status
  • Desired limit
  • Signed ACORD application with a complete list of all named insureds and their mailing addresses for clearance purposes, effective dates, along with construction, occupancy, protection, and exposure (COPE) information (per building)
  • Applicable supplements, brochures and / or website information
  • Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that displays Statement of Values per location along with COPE information