It Takes a Village to Raise Real Property Valuation

In case you missed our live presentation on Wednesay, March 10th, 2021: 
Property Valuation Recording

Kristen Schick
Vice President, West Team Unit Manager
GenStar Delegated P&C


Diane Dahle
Vice President, Executive Underwriter
GenStar Delegated P&C


When it comes to Property underwriting, one critical element that is often overlooked or misunderstood is Commercial Property Valuation. While there is no single underwriting rule that applies to every account, it is imperative that good judgment be used when determining property values. Diane Dahle will explore the numerous valuation options and underwriting concepts to show the impact that proper valuation has on both the upfront underwriting process and the back-end claims adjustment process, as they go hand in hand. Communication among all parties – agents, brokers, underwriters and claim adjusters – is critical to successfully “raise” property valuation.


 SOCIAL INFLATION IS ALIVE AND WELL!  (Although Currently Sheltering in Place)

 May 6, 2020: Social Inflation Recording
(Presentation posted with permission of Assured Research)

William Wilt, President, Assured Research
Alan Zimmermann, Managing Director, Assured Research


Social inflation is everywhere!  That describes how many insurance professionals feel as claim severity and the frequency of "nuclear" jury verdicts rises.  How is social inflation defined? Can it be measured?  What are its sources?  These are among the many questions Assured Research has been addressing through its research on social inflation for going on three years.  In this webinar they bring all their research on the topic together into one cohesive presentation.