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General Star Management Company


120 Long Ridge Road, Stamford, CT 06902

P.O. Box 10354, Stamford, CT 06902-2354
Imaging Fax
Fax Administration
Fax Accounting
Fax Claims - Property
203.328.5840, 203.328.5007, 800.331.0601
Fax Claims - Casualty
203.328.6744, 203.328.6612
Fax Underwriting - Casualty
203.328.6605, 203.328.6606, 800.331.6150
Fax Underwriting - Contract
Email submissions to
Email Commercial Program submissions to
Extranet assistance  
Medical Professionals


Claims: Casualty
Underwriting: Casualty, Property

550 So. Hope Street, Suite 600
Los Angeles, CA 90071

Phone                                213.630.1930
Imaging Fax                    866.464.3678
Fax Claims                      213.630.1957
Fax Underwriting          213.630.1948
Email submissions to

Branch:  NEW YORK, NY

Underwriting: Casualty
125 Broad Street, 6th Floor 
New York, NY 10004

Phone                               212.859.3950
Imaging Fax                   866.464.3678
Excess Casualty Fax  212.859.3978
Property Fax                  212.859.3977
Email submissions to

Branch:  CHICAGO, IL

Claims: Casualty, Medical Professional
Underwriting: Casualty, Delegated: Programs, Property

UBS Building
1 North Wacker Drive, Suite 800
Chicago, IL 60606

Phone                                    312.267.8600
Imaging Fax                        866.467.5787
Fax Claims                           866.914.3151
Email Claims to       
Fax submissions               866.464.3678
Email submissions to

Branch:  ATLANTA, GA

Underwriting: Casualty, Property

3535 Piedmont Road, NE
Building 14, Suite 800
Atlanta, GA 30305-1533

Phone                                  404.239.6777
Imaging Fax                     866.464.3678
Fax                                       404.239.6767
Email submissions to


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Martin G. Hacala President and Chief Executive Officer    email      203.328.5080 
Lane A. DeCoster Senior VP, Chief U/W Officer   email   203.328.5697
Ted Gaisford Senior VP, Claim Manager   email   213.236.1731
Regina Kirwan Senior VP, Chief Marketing Officer   email   203.328.6908
Robert Sharrer Senior VP, Business Services   email   203.328.5398
Candice Davies Senior VP, Technology Strategy   email   203.328.6272



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Tracey Bellack Senior VP, Division Manager   email   213.236.1743
Atlanta Branch
Brice Doyle Unit Manager   email   404.365.6971
Megan Mayfield Senior Underwriter   email   404.365.6972
Mallory Gunzy Senior Underwriter   email   203.328.5842

Chicago Branch
Gregory P. Woods Senior Unit Manager   email   312.267.8558
Sean Schaefer Practice Leader - Excess Habitational   email   312.267.8528
Carolyn Calcutt Underwriting Executive   email   312.207.5316
Dan Costello Underwriting Executive   email   312.207.5424
Katie Moran Underwriter   email   312.526.7526
Nick Johnston Underwriter   email   312.268.8720

Los Angeles Branch
Edward T. Felcyn Vice President, Unit Manager   email   213.236.1745
Brandon Stevis Underwriting Executive   email   213.236.1752

Cristina Castañón         

Underwriter   email   213.236.1734
Shannon Melamed Underwriter   email   213.236.1744
Scott Leonard Underwriter   email   213.236.1753

New York Branch
Johanna Brooks Unit Manager - Team 1   email   212.859.3953
Maggie Breden Senior Underwriting Executive   email   203.328.6803
Michael Recanatini Senior Underwriting Executive   email   212.859.3949
Amber Segura Senior Underwriter   email   212.859.3971
Hunter D'Avella Underwriter   email   212.859.3736
Irina Reym Unit Manager - Team 2   email   212.859.3968
James Sleys Underwriting Executive   email   212.859.3951
Eric Wisniewski Senior Underwriting Executive   email   212.859.3972
Max Wojtowicz Underwriting Executive   email   203.328.5930
Primary Casualty
Maria Manuli Practice Leader - Primary   email   203.328.5474


Brian Lewis Vice President, Practice Group Manager   email   203.328.6721
Staci L. Hughes Underwriting Executive   email   312.267.8572
Susan Frager Senior Underwriter   email   203.328.5226
Sean Martinez Underwriting Executive   email   312.526.7563
Carrie Roberts Underwriting Executive   email   312.526.7535
Garrett Taliaferro Underwriting Executive   email   312.267.8534 
Peter Santulli Underwriting Executive   email   312.267.8533
Antonio Kearney Underwriter   email   203.352.5181


Jonathan Ball Division Manager   email     203.328.5748

Southeast Region
Edward Kostyk Senior Unit Manager   email   404.239.6792
Thomas H. Lemke Senior Underwriting Executive   email   404.239.6773
Kathy Aurand Underwriting Executive   email   404.239.5715
Mike Crenshaw Underwriting Executive   email   404.239.5708
Katrice Buck Underwriting Executive   email   404.365.6814
Bruce Thomas Senior Underwriter   email   404.239.6779
Collin Hutchison Underwriter   email   404.235.9601
Tara Eibe Unit Manager   email   404.239.6793
Emily Miller Underwriting Executive   email   404.239.5701
David Madore Underwriter   email   404.365.6841

Midwest Region
Jeremy Southall Unit Manager   email   312.207.5412
Brett Glaser Underwriting Executive   email   312.207.5413
Stan Yanz Underwriting Executive   email   312.526.7574
Maggie Sullivan Senior Underwriter   email   312.267.8547
Shelby Burmeister Underwriter   email   312.526.7544 

West Region
Regina Corson Unit Manager   email   213.236.1722
Robert Orff Senior Underwriting Executive   email   213.544.6392


Matthew Brown Senior VP, Division Manager   email    213.236.1746
Sergio Ramos Solution Specialist   email    203.328.5142


Eastern Team
Kristen P. Schick Vice President, Unit Manager   email   203.328.5702
Diane Dahle Senior Underwriting Executive   email   203.328.5530
Peter G. Keogh Senior Underwriting Executive   email   203.328.5486
Kevin Lewis Underwriting Executive   email   203.328.6262
Soraya Barletta Underwriting Executive   email   203.328.5343

Western Team
Terence Crowley Second Vice President, Unit Manager   email   312.207.5411
La'Kisha Stallworth Senior Underwriter   email   312.267.8606
Matthew Henry Underwriting Executive   email   312.267.8591
James Rowell Underwriting Executive   email   213.236.1724
Matthew Harrington Underwriter   email   312.268.8563 


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Tom Gersch Senior Unit Manager   email   312.267.8537
Katherine Exson Underwriting Executive   email   312.267.8593
Scott Ginsberg Senior Underwriting Executive   email   312.267.8562
James Richardson Senior Underwriting Executive   email   203.328.5492
Rachel J. Pagliarulo Senior Underwriting Executive   email   203.328.5977